Hand Dying with Angela Wolf and the ASG

The American Sewing Guild, asg.org, has over 20,000 members with 135 chapters across the nation.

Kalamazoo has a great group of sewers who meet regularly and share adventures in sewing, go on field trips, and meet new people who sew and design. Check out there website at kalamazooasg.com A recent day trip included a visit to local fashion designer’s studio, Angela Wolf.


Angela Wolf, Southwestern Michigan’s Benton Harbor Arts District Fashion Designer and Its Sew Easy TV couture sewing expert, gives informative live presentation at her studio on hand dying with fiber reactive dyes.

Sprinkling some sugar creates a resist in the fabric.
Salt creates a sunburst pattern.



Work the dye into the fabric.

Be sure that dye gets to all the fibers.





Let fabric soak in dye over night for best absorption.

Piece turned out  a lovely purple and magenta. Thanks for the invite- showed me there is no prerequisite for getting started.


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